Update From Dushtuville

Roby is three and a half weeks old now, and we’re absolutely loving our new family.  We’ve had some homeowners’ drama, which will divert some of the money that was going to go into college funds for the kids into a remodeled bathroom.  We may install a desk in the bathroom, though, to enable efficient studying.

The Boy is eating, sleeping, and doing that other thing that babies do like a champ.  He gets fussy in the evenings, but is generally pretty easy to soothe.  We’re much more relaxed with him than we were with his didi at this age, and I think that at least some part of his agreeable behavior is attributable to our confidence.

It has been a challenge managing Kaya’s enthusiasm about her little brother.  She’s unquestionably positive about the whole endeavor, but a bit antsy about where she fits in.  She is also suffering from an extreme case of listenitis.  The most common refrain around our parts is: “Kaya.  Kaya.  Kaya.  KAYA!”

In the good moments, we get family cuddles and smiles:

In the less good moments, we get grand collisions of fussiness (hit play):

For the most part, though, she’s helpful, and we try to remember that she’s doing her best to adjust her expectations of just how much attention she can expect from her mommy and daddy.  She’s as assertive as ever; if I promised to play with her, and I’m trying to calm the Robester down, she’ll let me know that I made a promise and, dammit, we’re gonna have that game.  That’s good for her, good for us, and ultimately its good for Roby.

I’m psyched to see how our family dynamic evolves as Roby becomes more sentient.