Towards a Dak Nam

In childhood, many Bengalis take on two names that follow them through life. The bhalo nam, or “good name,” is the name that appears on legal documents.  The dak nam, or “nickname,” is used in more casual settings.

Roby’s sister, his mother, and his mother’s two sisters only have bhalo nams, perhaps because their names are so naturally cute that they’re totally dak-like.  Though “Roby” is similarly short and sweet, we have been rehearsing potential dak nams for the young ‘un.

Following are a few contenders.  And, forgive the scatological nature of some; the boy just doesn’t give us much to work with:

  • Gaseous Clay
  • Farty McCarty
  • Mr. Poopy Pants
  • Belchy McBurpenstein
  • Robespierre
  • Roby Dooby Do-Da-Day
  • Roby Robe Robi
  • The Robester
  • Robe Bryant
  • Baby Brudda
  • Hank

Any other suggestions?  In the meantime, here’s a bunch of recent pics: