Olly Olly Oxen Free, Day 318 of 365

The Name

Olly Olly Oxen Free, Day 318 of 365

Creative Commons License photo credit: DieselDemon

I changed it. I’ll probably change it again. I’m kind of jumping in here with half-formed plans, hoping the plunge will help me form them.

I’ve had this space for a while as an aggregator and digital cv, and it was called, smartly, “Luke Waltzer: Educational Technologist | Historian.” When I was about to hit publish this afternoon I shuddered at the header, and quickly changed it to A Blog of My Own A Space of My Own.  I’ve written at and edited Cac.ophony.org for a few years now, and have gotten to feeling somewhat restrained by that space: our wonderful fellows post there, and I feel as though increasingly my posts there should be tied to my ed tech work at the College. But I want to write about other things, too — sports, music, politics, parenthood, history — and don’t want to feel I have to think twice before doing so.  So here I am.

Bloviate it is… for now.  Not only am I hostile to the concept personal branding, but I also have the good fortune of sucking at it.

5 thoughts on “The Name”

  1. Glad to see you developing this space, Luke. And there’s nothing sucky about this space as long as your work fills it.

  2. Also, I’ve been playing with an IPod Touch for testing blog reading on UMW Blogs and beyond, i is actually pretty fun, and as I came to lukewalter.com via the mobile device I realized you don;t have WPTouch setup, and I highly recommend it. If you have an IPhone or iTouch or An droid or wahtever, check out this site for an artist I optimized for mobile de vies, it is pretty slick. http://brucedaystudio.com

    In particular, check out the gallery of artwork.

  3. Thanks, Matt, for the support and confidence.

    @Jim, I’m not ready to proclaim “SOMEBODY” just yet… We’ll see if I can meet the challenge. And, I launched this thing with barely a hack to what it previously was. Like Matt’s work on the Commons, I’ll try to build it and fly it at the same time. WP-Touch is a definite add. I also need to look into an issue with FWP, which was linking recent comments yesterday to fed domains. I turned off the “link to original post” setting, but I’ll want that engaged if I’m going to continue to blog in multiple spaces.

    Gotta say, also, that your guys’ comments make me feel good about taking this plunge. Thanks.

  4. I have to say, too, that you’re inspiring me to blog more frequently — something I need to do anyway now that I’ve quit facebook 😉

    So let’s all leave TEH BAVA in dust!

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