Posterous: Online Publishing Made Eas(ier)y

Picture 4Stephen Francoeur, one of Baruch’s many awesome librarians, turned me on to Posterous yesterday.  This is a service that allows you to publish to the web via a simple email to; your posts will compile in your own space on or can be configured to push out to your blog, Facebook or Twitter feeds, Flickr account, etc.  The process elegantly handles image files, mp3s, and videos, and allows for tagging via “tag:” enclosed in double parentheses.  Posterous also offers support for group blogs and custom domains, and it’s easy to see this is a good tool for publishing while mobile or even for enabling those who are reticent to go through the trauma of learning the administrative interface of WordPress to publish easily from their Hotmail or AOL email accounts.

(By the way, I published this through an email to Posterous).

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LW add from inside Cacophony: I had to come into the Cacophony post to clean up the links and image… seems as though keeping the html formatting and attachments elegant through the push might take some work.  Further, it looks as though the tags didn’t talk to the Cacophony tag function.  So, the push is janky… but the potential is still there.